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Kids Corner - Nerja

Hi, I’m Natalie, I often go to Nerja, I think it’s a great place to spend a holiday with my family, because of the fun things I do when I’m there, like going to the waterparks, great beaches, many ice cream parlours , the different festivals, caves and much, much more.


There are seven different beaches in Nerja, now I can’t rightly remember all their names, but each one of them is different. Bars, cafes and restaurants are stretched right along some beaches all of which are very inviting to children.

Some of the beaches have rock pools, while others are smooth, soft, sandy paradises. The beach only a few strides away from the apartment (Torrecilla beach) is sandy. The Burriana beach is the biggest beach and a half an hour stroll away.

Me and my sister on our beach

Now, you may think I'm greedy to talk about food, especially when there are so many other great features of Nerja I could tell you about, but really I must let you know about my favourite restaurants and tapas bars. I always make sure mum and dad take us to the beach paella restaurants some time during our visit to Nerja where they cook the paella in large round pans outside and the sardines are delicious. Pinocchio's is another one of my favourites because it's very friendly. While we were in Nerja this August a new Moroccan restaurant had opened and I met a friend there called Amy who is now my pen pal. We also went to 'the cottage' restaurant and enjoyed a nice meal sat out on the terrace, Try the 'coach and horses' near the Balcon de Europa if you just want a taste of back home. Tapas are found almost everywhere in Nerja but some of my favourites are the 'Round bar' and the tapas opposite the coach and horses called 'Pellugia'.

The Three Kings Festival on evening of January 5th is similar to Christmas Eve for Spanish children. Here in Nerja it is celebrated by a grand procession of decorated floats symbolizing the kings bringing gifts to Jesus. Each king arrives on a separate float and the children dress in costumes and follow the floats in procession, through the town.

Even though we have been to Nerja loads of times, this year August 07 we finally got to go to the Aqua Park at Velez Malaga about 20 minutes drive away from the apartment. It was AWESOME! Not as big as the ones in Florida but plenty of slides to play on and a wave pool.

In January 08 we went to Nerja again and we spotted an advertisement for horse riding. I was so excited I had wanted to try horse riding for ages.

When we got there, I saw the biggest dog I had ever seen – it was a St. Bernard. Nervously I climbed out of the car, staying close to my Dad. We were introduced to a lovely lady called Heidi who owned the stables. She got our hats for us and showed us the horses we would be riding (mine was called Turon). All this time I kept my eyes on the dog. Suddenly it came bounding towards me wagging its tail …I took a step back and screamed. My Dad tried to stop the dog by grabbing hold of its collar but he slipped and they both fell over rolling on top of each other in the dust. (We all laughed about it later when we told mum & my sister what had happened).

The dog was secured in the garden and we climbed onto our horses. My Dad was given a massive horse, called Hercules and me with a medium sized Turon and Heidi led us out on her horse. It was amazing travelling up into the mountains – the views were fantastic. Three other dogs (thankfully not the St. Bernard) ran below our feet as we went through streams and along tracks lined with lemon, lime and orange trees. When we returned we took off our hats and headed back to our apartment ready for a lovely lunch at Mirasol. What a great day!

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